More information about the SSC can be found in the SSC Charter.

SSC Work Groups

Stakeholder Steering Committee

​The Stakeholder Steering Committee (SSC) is comprised of stakeholder representatives from nine sectors, whose purpose is to provide strategic guidance to EIPC Analysts.  The SSC will gather input from stakeholders, represent their constituents' interests in deliberations, and strive to achieve consensus on aspects of the transmission planning studies and reports by the EIPC.

NOTICE:  With the completion of the Phase I, Phase II, and Gas-Electric components of the 2010 US Department of Energy Project, the SSC became inactive.  Reconvening for further assistance to the EIPC is presently unscheduled.

Natural Gas

  • Erica Bowmen,​ ANGA
  • Dona Santa, INGAA
  • James Stanzione, AGA (National Grid)

Transmission Owners & Developers

  • Will Kaul,​ Great River Energy (MISO)
  • Stu Nachmias, Con Edison (NYISO)
  • Paul Napoli, PSEG (PJM)
  • Mark Mahan, PSEG (alternate)

States (EISPC)

  • Valery Lemmie,​ EISPC Director
  • David Boyd, MN
  • Pam Witmer, PA
  • Jim Volz, VT
  • Lib Fleming, SC
  • Sandra Simpson, MI
  • Betty Anne Kane, DC
  • Robert Kenney, MO
  • Ed Finley, NC
  • Greg White, MI
  • Gary Brown, NY
  • Elana Wills,​ AR
  • Sarah Hoffman, VT

Public Power-TDUs

  • Paul Malone,​ Nebraska Public Power District (SPP)
  • Tim Noeldner, WPPI Energy (Co-op TDU)
  • Maryam Sharif, New York Power Authority (NYISO)

Other Suppliers

  • Herb Healy,​ EnerNOC, Inc. (ISO-NE, Canada-DSR)
  • Chris Lyons, Constellation Energy (MISO - Non-DSM)
  • Dennis Sobieski, Hess Corporation (PJM)


  • Mark Brownstein,​ Environmental Defense Fund
  • Seth Kaplan, Conservation Law Foundation
  • Beth Soholt, Wind on the Wires

Generation Owners & Developers

  • Steve Gaw,​ Wind Coalition (SPP - Renewables)
  • Michael Goggin, American Wind Energy Assoc. (AWEA)
  • Mark Volpe, Dynegy, Inc. (MISO - Non-Renewables)

End Users

  • Brenda Harris,​ Occidental
  • Erin Hogan, NYSERDA
  • Fred Plett, MA Office of Atty. General


  • Robert Sinclair,​ Ontario Power Authority
  • ​Samir Adkar, Ontario Ministry of Energy (alternate)

Chair: Ed Finley


For the Gas-Electric work starting in 2013, the SSC added representation from the gas industry in a new gas sector, to assist with new task descriptions and stakeholder processes.

During Phase II of the project, the SSC and stockholders selected cases to be studied, and reviewed results and reports.

During Phase I of the project, the SSC designated three stakeholder work groups and one stakeholder task force to assist the SSC with its input and decision making.