Version w/ Gas-Electric Study - DOE Accepted​ (07/02/2015)

Note: The final drafts of the four Target Reports have also been submitted to DOE.  Those documents can be found under the Gas-Electric Documents tab [click here].

Note: Comments received on the 05-01-2015 version of the report are posted below.  Those comments have been considered in creating the version submitted to DOE.  The response or change made to the report is in the matrix dated 06-16-2015.

Draft #1 - Comments

Draft #1

Draft #4 - Comments

Draft #4

Phase II Reports

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Phase II Documents

Phase II - General Information

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Phase II Report Documents

This page contains links to important documents and resources pertaining to Phase II of the DOE-funded project, including the Phase II Report.

​​Disclaimer:  References to the DOE-funded study reports and other documents, including the Phase 1, Phase 2, and Gas-Electric Study Reports, contained in any independent study or publication do not constitute or imply endorsement or recommendation by the EIPC.

Version w/ Gas-Electric Study - Submitted to DOE (06/09/2015)

Draft w/ Gas-Electric Study

Draft #2 - Comments

Draft #3 - Comments

Version - Submitted to DOE (12/22/2012)

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Draft #2

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