Other WG Documents

Meeting Summaries

Ex Officio

David Meyer, U.S. DOE *


Will Burns, Burns Law, ECC

Samir Succar, NRDC

Matt Schuerger, Energy Systems Consulting Services

States (EISPC)

Lauren Azar, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin *

Garry Brown, New York State Public Service Commission *

Denis Bergeron, Maine Public Utilities Commission


Peter Huang, Ontario Power Authority​

Rob Sinclair, Ontario Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure

Noman Williams, Sunflower Electric Corp.​

Ken Lotterhos, Navigant Consultant

Bruce McKinnon, CMEEC

Public Power - TDUs

Other Suppliers

Herb Healy, EnerNoc *

Generation Owners & Developers

TJ Deora, Horizon Wind

Michael Hutson, RES-Americas

Transmission Owners & Developers

Jeff McKinney, NYSEG

Gregory Smith, PPL

Gale Nansel, WAPA

Fred Plett, MA Office of Attorney General

Erin Hogan, NYSERDA

Paul Peterson, NH Office of Consumer Advocate

End Users

(* inidcates SSC Member)

Work Group Official Sector Representatives

Roll-Up Work Group

Purpose of Work Group (WG)

  • The RUWG is dedicated to liaising with and providing feedback to EIPC as EIPC develops the integration of the existing regional transmission plans and addresses potential enhancements identified through a gap analysis of the EI-wide 10-year Roll-Up Case.  These activities are identified as Task 2 in the Statement of Project Objectives; however, the group expects that its charge will extend to other tasks if the Roll-Up plan affects either the economics or reliability of macroeconomic futures or transmission iild-out scenarios.
  • The RUWG will establish a close interface and coordination with the Scenario Planning Work Group (SPWG so that the conclusions and results of the Roll-Up study effort are understood in connection with futures development and scenarios planning.