• Roll-Up Work Group (RUWG) - The RUWG focused on liaising with and providing feedback to the EIPC Planning Authorities as they developed their 10-year transmission plan integration, referred to as the Roll-Up of Regional Plans (Task2)
  • Scenario Planning Work Group (SPWG) - The SPWG focused on assisting the SSC with Task 4, the development of the eight Macroeconomic Futures and 72 sensitivities to be studied in the Task 5 Macroeconomic Analysis.
  • Modeling Work Group (MWG) - The MWG helped stakeholders understand the requirements and capabilities of the models used in this project; developed the values and inputs needed to model the agreed-upon Futures, Sensitivities, and Scenarios; and provided post-processing analyses as requested by the SSC.
  • Scenario Task Force (STF) - The Scenario Task Force developed recommendations for the three Scenarios to be studied in Phase II (Task 6a).

During Phase I of the project, the SSC designated three stakeholder work groups and one stakeholder task force to assist the SSC with its input and decision making.  See below for links to more information about these groups:

Phase I Work Groups